Hey! What Happened to My 5-Star Rating!?

My first few days as an Uber driver returned the expected result that all my passengers had rated me as a 5. I knew they would because why wouldn’t they? My car is almost brand new, very clean on the inside and out and I’m a very chill, nice guy. I also know well the area where I drive and I rarely take a bad route. I greet them cheerfully. I provide water in all the passenger seats. And I can talk or not talk to them depending on their mood. You have to assess the passenger’s mood.  Some people very obviously do not want to talk when they get into your car and with those passengers I keep pretty quiet, other than the initial greetings.

confusedSo for the first week I was proud to have a unanimous 5-star rating! But something happened in the second week. I checked in with my ratings at the end of a “shift” and was stunned to see that it read 4.5! What in the world happened? No doubt in my mind that the Uber computer must have screwed up. I clicked on each trip’s detail section and saw that under “Client Rating” every passenger (or so it appeared) had rated me a 5.

A 4.5 – that’s well below the 4.7 that Uber requires its drivers to
maintain. After giving all of what I thought was this great service, I
was in danger of being eliminated!

A few hours after I checked the rating the first time, I checked it
again.  I hadn’t taken any trips in the meantime. The rating had
changed to a 4.7. Ah, so that was it – their computer was screwing
things up with the ratings. Another hour later I checked again (again
with no trips in between) and it had dropped down to 4.6! How could the ratings change when you hadn’t made any additional trips for more than a day?

It turns out that there is no time limit your passengers have to rate you. They can rate you anytime up until the next time they take a trip – which might be three months later for all we know! But the next time they take a trip they’ll be forced to leave a rating for their last trip – if they haven’t done so already. That’s why you may see your ratings change even if you haven’t done any driving for a while. This seems pretty unfair actually because how can passengers be expected to remember how their last trip went if they don’t rate it until maybe a week, two weeks, three weeks or maybe even three months later? Lyft gives passengers 24 hours to leave a rating. And if they don’t – then they don’t get to. That seems much more fair.

On New Year’s Day, 2014, after driving all night the night before, I
checked my rating again. It had risen to 4.7. But, when I clicked on
the detail of some of the trips, I noticed something very disturbing.
Under that section called “Client Rating:” for several of my trips it
said, “Driver failed to leave a passenger rating.” Huh? Not possible.
You have to leave a passenger rating when you end the trip or else you can’t move on to the next step on the driver app and make yourself available again.

But, what piqued my curiosity is that this message seemed to indicate that the “Client Rating” was not the client’s rating of the driver, but the driver’s rating of the client! Which would explain why they were all 5’s. Because I had rated all my clients at 5. (Why wouldn’t I? They all paid, they didn’t get into fights and nobody had thrown up in the car).

By the next day, all these error messages had disappeared and had been replaced with 5’s – which is what I had rated all my passengers. Since the error messages disappeared, I knew something was going on with their computer systems. Which left me unsure as to what “Client Rating” really means. Did it mean the rating the client gives the driver, or the rating the driver gives the client? It turns out that it means the rating the driver gives the client. Which makes you wonder why they don’t call it “Driver Rating”! And it makes you wonder why they bother to even tell us – since we already know how we rated each passenger.

There was one client with whom I had accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up going two blocks out of the way.  But I told him I would turn off the meter before we arrived at his destination. And I turned off the meter 4 blocks before we arrived. I’m pretty sure he would have given me a 10 if he could have, because he was very happy about that.

Other than that, I haven’t had a single client so far express even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction, so I still have no idea whether the average Uber is reporting is accurate or not. I’ll assume that it is and that maybe sometimes people just give you a 4-star rating because they figure you were pretty good and they see 4 stars as fine.

I’ve done some off and on freelance driving for a traditional car service and I know all of my customers have reported back to them that everything was fine.  That’s why they keep using me.  But it’s possible that if these same customers had been given a 1-5 star rating system to use, they may have just tapped on the 4 or the 5 thinking that either was equally good.  But it sure brings down your average when they hit the 4!

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    1. I have had the same problem. I have provided food, drinks, candy, free frosty coupons, and hand sanitizer for my fares. Always use GPS and clean car smells great, give music options and offer phone charger cords. Still received low score after price surge driving over Halloween in 2014. Deactivated my account after that. Customers are allowed to rate days after using their Uber ride, instead of rating you right away. How are they going to distinguish a great driver from a poor one if they don’t rate right away and they use the service more than once in a few days? Fares don’t realize that a less than great score affects how we provide for ourselves and our families. We are told we aren’t allowed to ask for better scores but I feel that if our fares knew how much their scores affected us they may choose their score more carefully. Uber also doesn’t notify you when score level requirements change. Was a 4.3 when I first started, changed to 4.6 was told nothing until my score dropped below, then changed to 4.7 without being told.

      1. Steve, there is a thing called – going overboard! Or doing too much. I know Uber suggests that we do as much as we can in the way of offering all kinds of things like candy & snacks. But I’ve never done any of that. Only water for me. Why do I want people eating in my car and dropping crumbs and wrappers everywhere? Plus, I think a lot of people think it’s just over the top and it may put them off a bit.

        But, I do agree with you that allowing people to rate all the way up until they take their next ride is absolutely ridiculous. Because how can they remember what happened perhaps several weeks ago? I think they should be allowed to rate for only a few hours after their trip – so at least they can remember the ride when they give you a score.

        1. Uber should have no business making costly suggestions to drivers to offer snack, candy, water, phone charges, or any of that unless Uber of course is willing to pay for them!

        2. I agree with Ibrahim. Uber has no business suggesting I provide anything but the same service uber is paying me to provide. There practice of “suggesting” is just their way of making a legal requirements of a illegal business employer tactic. Also I enjoy a 4.85 rating for two months until hot fourth of July weekend. Traffic was jammed up, it was hot, people where irritable, my rating dropped to 4.5 that weekend. After that I stopped all day time driving and only picked up drunks at bars at night. Gee my rating improved and even uber committed on my improvement. All the prof I need to tell me rating system full of shit.

      2. Don’t wast your time doing all the extras because your Star Rating will always be equal to that of someone who does no extra. I use to open doors but still got deactivated for a 4.5 rating. Now, I just don’t open doors and my rating fluctuates from 6….to 7…points.

      3. i wish the rider would leave a comment as to why they gave a lower rating…At least i could improve??? I dropped to 4.6 and don’t know why so I don’t know how to improve. I feel it was my navigation but i also hope uber gives a chance to bring back up? idk

        1. Hi Crystal
          Its HARD to get your rating back up! I raised mine .42 in 50 rides and unfortunately for me that still wasn’t enough because in my disastrous first week it sunk all the way to a 3.9! So I knew it was hopeless. Now, if they had given me a fresh start after the remedial 7X7 class, I would have had no problem because I had learned how to use the app and my Android, but no.

    2. Let me highlight you all to the conventions of driving for Uber in the first place!

      They are nothing short of thieves! Without going into major details; I drove for 12 hours in one day, and literally had to turn my phone off just to have lunch because I was so busy with requests for driving, which I thought was great at first!

      All I could think of was that I earned over $200.00 that day and made over 23 trips. This was about 2 trips per hour; as promised by the company.

      They also informed me that after I complete my first 20 trips that I would get a $100.00 bonus! Well… that never happened!

      Not only did they rip me off for the $100.00 but they also changed my trips and stated that I only drove for 18 trips and then they stated that I only drove a total of 4 hours!!! Are you freaking for real!!!?

      I sent email after email, trying to speak with a live person on the phone and they never did give me a phone number to call, nor did they ever call me. All I got was constant emails and text messages about how to improve things, surveys and seemingly trying to answer my question with some stupid form letter from tech support with links on how to view my statements!

      They never answered my questions, I never got to speak with anyone, I am now out the gas, 12 hours time I put in, wear and tear on my car usage, and the $100.00 bogus bonus they promised me; and to make matters worse, I still haven’t gotten paid by them and it’s been over three weeks since I last drove for them!!! What the hell is up with that!?

      So all I have to say is if you’re driving for them “BUYER BEWARE!!!” I WILL NEVER WORK OR GET DRIVEN BY THEM AT ALL!

      1. GT, something about your story doesn’t ring true. If you had said you made much less than you thought you would – that would ring true! But the one thing everyone knows who has driven for Uber is that they pay you for your trips. And everyone I know, including myself, who has been owed a signing bonus, has been paid it. The one thing they do well is keep track of how much you’ve earned and they always pay.

        1. i had 4.56 points for some reason i was brought down to 4.48 can some one please try to educate me better on that because im very nice to my customers

        2. They don’t pay, my signup bonus was missing at start, I complained before I took any rides as the terms of service and legal contract say they can add it if notified within 14 days of their mistake, they never added it, were rude and never read the support history of the other people so they constantly told me the wrong info over and over. Do the math .09 cents a min is $5.40 an hour (not minimum wage) so if your stuck in traffic your losing money, then take .90 cents a mile for 4,000 miles a month and after gas depreciation on your car and maintenance plus all the miles you drive to get to the rider that you’re not paid for, and your losing money on the car part too and that’s before Uber takes $1.80 from every ride and 25% of everything you make. On paper their base rates are a minimum wage violation before they take their cut, after their cut is a tragedy. Don’t use Uber

        3. Untrue with paying bonuses. I’ve been communicating with Uber unsuccessfully for 3 weeks now trying to get them to pay an incentive I rightfully earned. First rejection email stated I didn’t opt in to the incentive program. That was inaccurate. Second rejection from Uber stated I didn’t maintain acceptable acceptance rate – that too was inaccurate and provided them the acceptance rate for the period. Uber’s third excuse was going back to the opt in requirement stating that they checked all the incentive emails that were sent to my personal email and have no records showing that I opt in to any incentive program during my time with Uber. That reply was after I received an incentive pay for the previous pay period.

          Obviously, this issue has been very frustrating more so because I’ve only been driving for Uber for two months. Hope things get better.

        4. I don’t know about your specific situation Rob, I can only speak from my own personal experience which is that they’ve ALWAYS paid me any bonuses they promised.

          However, I will say for you that even though you say you did opt in, that’s kind of tricky of them to require drivers to opt in. I mean, if you meet the requirements and do the trips, you should get the bonus whether you opted in or not. I’ve seen those emails where they say click here if you’re going to do it – but I never noticed it was a requirement that you had to click there in order to get the bonus. That’s a little tricky on their part I have to say.

      2. I agree with you on this one. I’ve observed that they sometimes skip the answer to your question and change the topic instead of answering a specific question put to them.

        1. Yes this happens Often or they turn it around if if your doing something Wrong..LOL its a Joke!!

        2. I have driven for Uber a Year an a Half now and its gotten way out of Control. twice they have lowered the Rates and Now Taking 25% of all Earning!! It’s Crazy Expecting Drivers to work and Lose Money. They have been getting on me about not excepting fare and Canceling. They cant Keep Drivers here in Wilmington Nc.. Most will Only come out on Weekends and wont Except unless its Surging including myself when there Money to be Made and Not Loose. This week they offered Garntees work 20 Hrs. make 300 / work 40hrs make 650 so I opted in thought I would try it out see how it goes. SO FAR I have completed 37 Tips been online 23 hrs and 36 mins Used 50 Dollars in Fuel put 380 MILES on my Car Estimated Payout 230.30 Dollars. So I have NOT MADE A DIME YET!! I have LOST!! Not to mention I have Notice A lot Lately that it will Be Surging and Its not Showing Up on My End and when I Ask the Rider if there on a Surge they say Yes!!! Here a Few Email between Uber and I over the pass few weeks

          Apr 27 at 10:50 AM

          To: Uber Support
          Message body

          Morning Alex, Uber shouldn’t have said anything Period. It should be left to the Riders Discretion. That’s what has Cause A lot Of Headaches as wells as Problem’s for Uber and Drivers among Other Things like Dropping Rates for a Example. I have been Driving almost a Year and a Half now. I know how the System Works!! I’m also Aware of Uber Settlement for 100 Million Pending because of it. That is because they Mislead Both Driver and Rider!! Not everyone is Aware of this Yet!! But it BAD Business, I have been Following Uber every step of the way since I have started so called Partnering with Them which as well is Misleading!! Along with Sending Contracts to a Driver when there Headed Out to Work and Expecting them to read a 20 – 30 Page Contract on a Phone Knowing Darn Well Most Wont!! Your asking Drivers to be Honest, Courteous and follow the Law when Uber is Not!!? I’m also aware of the Momentum Partner Rewards and I’m sure this does help A lot of Drivers. As for me I driving a 40 Thousand Dollar Car which doesn’t take conventional oil, I’m already a Elite Member of AAA have been for years and Also Participate with BP Rewards because my car needs a higher Octane Fuel. And as of now my Vehicle is still under warranty but wont be for Long do to the Very High Mileage I have Obtain being a Uber Driver. I this week have Opted in for the 650.00 Grantee for 40 hrs. We will see how that goes. I’m Also Happy That you are Working on the Rate being Raised. I’m sure if you get the Rates Back Up to Where they Were when I first Started and keep the Surges @ no More then 3X Things will Work Out Great For Everyone!! Have a Good Day!!

          From: Alex (Uber Support)
          To: Brenda Brown
          Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 5:35 PM
          Subject: [Uber] Re: Re: [Account Alert] Accepting and Canceling Trips

          ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
          Your request (135807877) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

          Alex (Uber)

          Apr 26, 14:35
          Hi Brenda,

          This is Alex, and I am taking ownership of your concern regarding the price changes, accepting tips, and available vehicle classes in Wilmington. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on these important topics.
          As you’ve mentioned, there is no need to tip with Uber. Once you arrive at the rider’s destination, the fare is automatically charged to the rider’s credit card on file, making for a cashless and seamless experience.
          However, riders are always free to provide additional payment as a gratuity to any driver-partner who provides them transportation services. Gratuities are voluntary and if a rider attempts to tip, you are of course free to accept it.
          Regarding the availability of UberSELECT in Wilmington, we are regularly monitor rider demand in your city. Rest assured that once we have the updates, you’ll be one of the first to notify.
          In addition, we understand that by accepting more trips, your weekly mileage may go up. Extra mileage can increase your vehicle gas and maintenance costs.
          This is an important consideration for drivers. We’re confident that the increased driver earnings supported by pricing changes will help to offset gas and maintenance costs.
          Please note that guaranteed gross fares remain in place while your city adjusts to price changes. Guaranteed gross fares ensure you will continue to earn the same or more for rides as you did prior to pricing changes.
          I’d also like to recommend exploring our Momentum Partner Rewards program, which includes vehicle maintenance discounts. This program can help you save up to 15% on maintenance. It’s also available in your partner dashboard Rewards tab.

          Please reach out anytime to let us know how things are going.



          Brenda Brown

          Apr 22, 12:04

          Abdul…Here’s another Problem Uber Expects Us to Drive 15 – 30 Mins to Pick up Riders that aren’t even going Far- 90% or Better of Trips, we have to Drive all the Way Back to get Another Trip! Which is Double Miles. Doesn’t even pay for the Fuel that is being used!! Let Alone the Miles and Time. Especially on Week Days. I can’t Work for Free I have to what’s Best for Me and My Family and I work EVERY WEEKEND In Order to Make Money. Like Last night for Example I worked from 7 – 1:30 made 64.00 Dollar’s used about 7.00 in Fuel and 146 Miles on My Car and That was Giving 12 Freaking Trips!! Do the Math… They Need to RAISE THE RATES!! Also RIDERS DONT TIP BECAUSE UBER TELLS THEM THERES NO NEED!! TIPS ARE INCLUDED!! And I don’t Expect Someone on a Large Surge to TIP!! But Driving 20 MILES for 2.40 cent or even 7 Dollar’s IS INSANE then you Wonder Why Uber is ALWAY IN NEED OF DRIVERS!! It’s Common Sense. Also I recommend UBER SELECT here in Wilmington, there’s no Reason Raleigh Should have It and Not Wilmington. There is over 4 Billion Dollars in Cars on the Road Driving for Uber All Over the World and it Don’t Cost UBER A Penny for ANY OF THEM CARS!! They ARE Worth over 60 BILLION DOLLARS and CLIMBING at the Expense of Drivers tell me There’s NOTHING Wrong with That PICTURE, now I’m sure in the Other States and Countries It MORE Beneficial to Drivers like NYC, Cali and places like Paris. There running 24/7 But Wilmington is NOT. Riders are Able to Spit Fares and Make it More AFFORDABLE for Themselves when They Need It!! But what About the DRIVERS and there EXPENSES!! The People LOVE UBER!! And Wouldn’t Mine Paying a Little More just for the Connivance, Let Alone The Nice Cars and Atmosphere!! Maybe it be a Good Idea to ask Drivers if Their Seeking to Drive Full Time Upon Hire.. like you do when a Big Event Coming Up, this of Course is for when the Rates are Raised and it Profitable for Drivers. Pizza Delivery Guys Make More Money Here In Wilmington than Uber Driver on a Steady Base that Is. No one Going to STAY Driving if there LOOSING. I’m sure Your Wondering Why I still Drive. I have another Income due to the Passing of my Husband Rest His Soul. I’m a Single Mother and if I didn’t have that SS for my Son I couldn’t SURVIVE!! Also Surgeries I had on Both of my Legs and still Under Treatment, so I’m Limited as to what I can as of Now!! And I’m not sure if I will stay in NC. But for Now it is what it is.. Sincerely Brenda

          From: Abdul Beig (Uber Support)
          To: Brenda Brown
          Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 12:17 PM
          Subject: [Uber] Re: Re: [Account Alert] Accepting and Canceling Trips

          Abdul Beig (Uber)

          Apr 22, 09:17

          Hi Brenda,

          Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you today.

          I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. This is really something that we do not want our partners to go through.
          I understand your concern regarding the email you got from our side and I have noted everything here and I make sure to bring this to the attention of our concern team
          The purpose of the message is not to cause distress but to serve as a reminder because we want to make sure you stay qualified for guarantees or incentives, and ultimately, make the most out of driving with Uber.
          The message you received is an automated one. It serves as a reminder for each partner-drivers but actually meant for those with low acceptance rate. I understand that there are factors outside your control which would leave you no choice but to cancel or not to accept a trip, but these situations are infrequent. When you are not in a position to complete the requests you accept, please sign offline. Thank you for keeping this in mind on future trips.

          Nevertheless, your ratings are really on good standing. I must say your association is commendable and we are honoured to have partners like you at Uber. You’re not only a partner but a family to Uber! Keep it up!

          No changes were made to your account and unless we reach out, there isn’t anything we need from you at this point in time. Once again, we are very sorry that we made you worry. If this made you uncomfortable, please do disregard the email that was sent to you. If you have any other query please feel free to write us and I will be happy to assist you.

          Warm Regards,

          Abdul Beig

          Brenda Brown

          Apr 22, 09:03

          When it’s Very Busy like this and the Rider does not Response to my Calls or Text I Cancel. The Streets here in Wilmington are very small and Police don’t let us sit and wait. Most Areas are for Taxis!! Both Downtown and Wrightsville Beach If you stop in the Road its Impeding Traffic which can Result in a Violation / Ticket .. It takes to much Time to Circle around the Blocks which means Lost Time and Fares for Drivers and Rider who are Prompt and Respond Immediately. You need to Inform Riders to be more Prompt and Aware of Calls from there Drivers. Also The App is not used CORRECTLY BY MOST RIDERS!! As to Where they are LOCATED I have Written in Many Times About This!! The Screen on the App SHOULD NOT MOVE!! This is Time WASTED Trying to Find Riders and A lot don’t Even know Where they ARE!! And this is Very Bad when it Comes to Wasting Fuel, Adding Unnecessary Miles and Lost of Guarantees ALL AT THE DRIVERS EXPENSE. But most of You Wouldn’t know That Because you are NOT Drivers here in Wilmington. I DO MY BEST WITH WHAT I HAVE TO WORK WITH .. I’m here to Make Money as Well and With Uber Decreasing Fares just makes it Harder on Everyone!! I’m not Here to Lose even More Money in Which I ALREADY DO!! UBER… Makes Drivers Feel Like There Beneath THEM ALWAYS TAKING ADVANTAGE!! WHICH HAS RUBBED OFF ON RIDERS DOING THE SAME!! Do you KNOW HOW IT FEELS to Pick UP a RIDER Open the DOOR for THEM… Provide Water for THEM, STOP at STORES, DRIVE THRUS for FOOD, Cater to There PETS, CHILDREN as Well as the RIDER and GUESS Listening to there Music Air-Condition when they ASK??? ETC.. WE ARE NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY!!! Don’t forget Carwash 2-3 Times a Week Oil Change Once a Month not to Mentions having to WRITE IN TO EXPLAIN or COMPLAIN to UBER and NOT GET PAID FOR IT!! Don’t Forget Maintenance on OUR VEHICALS!! I Hope this WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND A DRIVERS POSITION!! O did I forget to MENTION All THE DRUNK AND RUDE RIDERS we DEAL with. And Yeah I still GIVE MOST 5STARS Because UBER is NOT GOING to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! And PUT us in the Position to RATE RIDER Right THERE ON THE END OF THE TRIP SO THERE ABLE TO SEE,,LOL It’s a JOKE,, Have a Good Day!!

          | Hi Brenda,

          We noticed you’re canceling more rides than most drivers. We understand that unexpected or urgent situations arise, but you’re canceling trips at a very high rate. Completing more trips will mean less downtime and more money in your pocket.

          It’s best to “go offline” if you’re not in a position to complete the trips you accept. We want to make the platform work for everyone, and canceling rides makes ETAs longer for other partners and decreases partner fares in your city.

          Let us know if you have any questions.


          Uber Technologies Inc.
          1455 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103

          From: “partnerswnc@uber.com”
          To: brenda.brow@yahoo.com
          Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 10:00 AM
          Subject: [Account Alert] Accepting and Canceling Trips

          crazy This week here in Wilmington N.C. there offered Guarantee if you work 20 hrs. you get 300 if you work 40 hrs, you get 650. There Loosing Riders Bad Here Because of the Rates

        3. I have not been on this thread for a long time, and I despised the nagging topic of it which was “what happened to my rating” because it was, I thought, a distracting issue from the more important ones! Who gives a damn about what a drunk person thinks, or what some bigot thinks, or simply any rating system that does not afford the accused a chance to refute the allegations, or does not even state it, or gives a 4 stars thinking that is just as good as 5? From the beginning, I thought the topic was toxic and undermining to the real issues. Finally, drivers are getting it and begin to talk about the exploitive scheme of the street mafia of the Uber model! I am pleased but partially pleased. I think enough time has passed by to make Uber a bigger beast, and it is sure more difficult now to fight back especially when the predatory defense lawyers who are going for shameful settlements leaving the Uber scheme intact are just another defeat to the drivers! I swear to the Mighty that if Uber did all the work drivers did, Uber would have not made a penny! Uber would have been broke if it did not exploit the drivers! End of case!

        4. Indeed Dalis, It’s a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!! I’m so Tired of Uber Begging for us to Refer Drivers Too, If Uber did the RIGHT THING BY DRIVERS they wouldn’t Constantly need Them, And it Looks as Thou they Cant Even Keep the Employees that Respond/Send to Messages to us Either. This last week I had two Night Mare Rides!! And my Rating have Plummet Along with Attitude Remarks In which I wrote in About both of Them and Yet Nothing was Done!! So Now I’m Recording All My Rides When I see and Issue coming on and Getting My Own Attorney!! Also trying to set something up with News Reporter. We have to keep Fighting for what’s RIGHT!!

        5. Good for you Brenda! Continuous use and abuse by the corporate model, but this one is almost unprecedented. Exploiting drivers which is firing back at Uber and Lyft as well. Many lawsuits are popping out everywhere like cockroaches hatching in Spring time! Only to say, hey, you have gone too far and beyond. Hope something good comes out of it though.

    3. FYO, all Uber Drivers, a client once told me that he never gave 5 Star except when drivers go above and beyond, like when I agreed to stop at the gas station convenient store. According to him, why would he want to give 5 Star just for nothing. My response to him, “For the same reason drivers give 5 star even when the rider is silent or unfriendly. Since then, I adopted a new method of star rating where a star is deducted for every abnormality. Example, not showing up on time, rudeness, demanding, entitlement attitude, stench or body odor, unfriendliness etc. If you are guilty of all of the above then you end up with 1 star. I wish negative zero was an option. In summary, I have adopted a very strict rating method for no other reason than because this is exactly how we’re rated by many riders.

    4. My 5 star rating dropped within 2 week from 4.87 to 4.79 and most of my customers rates 5 star this really putting me down.

  1. This post hit right home with me. I’ve been having the same problem. As a new driver, I always focus on delivering 5-Star service to all my riders. Then all of a sudden after NYE my rating drops to 4.9.

    I searched all my trip records and noticed a client rating of 5 after all my trips and I’m puzzled as to who could’ve rated me unfavorably. I also thought client rating referred to how the customer rated us. Seems like uber would share this feedback with us so we could go back and think back to how we could improve upon our service, although of course, you can’t please everyone.

    Love your blog by the way!

    1. Yes, you’re exactly right N.Simmons. I would like to see which client gave me a lower rating so I could reflect on that trip and try to figure out what I could have done better. Was it the guy who I accidentally made a wrong turn with? If so, then I understand – and that teaches me that wrong turns are real spoilers to client satisfaction. Or was it the person who just seemed a little grouchy early in the morning? It would be nice to have at least a vague idea.

    2. I share similar thoughts and feelings with you about this useless rating system. I have unexplained similar experience with how the rating suddenly changes out of the blues. The idea behind it is unclear other than keeping it as a “hanging sword over the driver’s neck.” The five-star mentality is faulty in its own right simply because it is practically impossible to keep a five-star rating with a push-button device. Input errors are inevitable especially when the customer did not leave a specific remark about why she/he rated you down. Another reason why it is unreliable is because many people really do not believe in perfectionism and they could simply think that a 4-rating is just as good as 5-rating. Of course they are not aware of Uber’s perfect standards of expectations. Maybe if they did, they would not rate a nice driver anything less than 5. But in anyway, what bothers me most is that there is no way to verify or correct the rating if it appears to be in doubt because Uber has an exclusive access to the records of customers while the driver does not. The purpose of the rating system should be corrective, not so much judgmental. Say you made a mistake with a customer or you think at least you did, it helps to know which customer rated you down so that you could learn from the mistake and try to be a better driver next time. The Uber rating system fails to accomplish that because it is nontransparent. Records of the customer are non-disclosed under the guise of privacy which is sort of funny because they are also records of the driver as the service provider. Uber’s interest in maintaining the privacy of the customer does not override the driver’s interest in knowing grouchy customers or even customers who should not be repeat customers for that particular driver for a variety of reasons. Uber claims to play a match-making role between the driver and the customer, so from that perspective it should either keep track of the non-pleased customer and make sure they are not to be matched again with the same driver, or disclose all unhappy customers to the driver so that the driver could reflect on the experience and learn from it or simply decline the Request next time when he sees the name again, not necessarily out of vengeance, but to allow more careful drivers to pick up the Request and provide a better service to the customer. As for using the low rating record of the driver as ground to terminate the service agreement, I think that would not fly too high, because Uber would have the burden to prove that in fact the entered low rating was indeed accurate and not merely a data input error, and further provide documentation as to the identity of the customer who initiated the low rating and why it was so low rated. This would be like looking for a needle in the haystack for Uber, so I would say not to worry too much about it. I hope someone from the Uber management is reading this blog and would take notice that the rating system is in need of improvement.

      1. Ibrahim, let me just comment on a few things you said. You said, “The idea behind it is unclear other than keeping it as a hanging sword over the driver’s neck.”

        No, the idea behind it is actually crystal clear. The idea is to give passengers the best experience possible. And to do that they have to get rid of bad drivers. And this is the best way they can find out who the bad drivers are. How in the world could you think the idea behind ratings is unclear!?

        You said, “The five-star mentality is faulty in its own right simply because it is practically impossible to keep a five-star rating”. No one is asking you to keep a 5-star rating. The lower limit is 4.7 – which allows for a lot of imperfections.

        You said, customers “are not aware of Uber’s perfect standards of expectations.” Again, Uber does not expect PERFECTION! A 4.7 is not perfect! But they do expect high quality. Don’t you agree that Uber should only have good drivers? Don’t you realize the only reason Uber is succeeding is because taxi drivers suck? And why do you think taxi drivers suck? They suck because they experience absolutely no consequences if they give passengers bad service! They have been up until now a monopoly. So if they gave bad service, there were no consequences for them. The passenger had no way to let the company know. And even if they did, the company wouldn’t care, because the company has a monopoly. If the passenger doesn’t like it – too bad – they still have to use the taxi company because there were no alternatives!

        The rating system forces Uber drivers to care and to do a good job – or else they’ll get low ratings. And with low ratings they risk deactivation. It’s actually a necessary system.

        You said, “what bothers me most is that there is no way to verify or correct the rating if it appears to be in doubt”. What do you mean correct the rating? I’m sure if drivers had that ability they would “correct” all low ratings and then all drivers would have a 5.0! But that would kind of defeat the purpose of ratings wouldn’t it?

        Here’s the thing you and other drivers are not seeming to understand. All drivers are rated by the same rules. We’re all under the exact same system. If the rules varied from driver to driver, then you could say it was unfair. But as long as all drivers are rated by the same rules – then it’s completely fair. Because guess what? All drivers will get unfair ratings from time to time. So Uber has to factor that in to their calculations. Uber didn’t just arbitrarily set 4.7 as the cut off number. They set that number because they know that over time good drivers will be above it and bad drivers will be below it.

        You really have to understand how numbers and statistics work. If you’ve given say, 500 rides, and you’ve done a good job… you’ll be above 4.7. And that’s even with some passengers unfairly rating you poorly! Uber uses the same scale for all drivers. And they know that from time to time a passenger will give an unfair bad rating. That’s why they don’t require us to keep a 5.0 rating!

        You said, “As for using the low rating record of the driver as ground to terminate the service agreement, I think that would not fly too high, because Uber would have the burden to prove that in fact the entered low rating was indeed accurate and not merely a data input error, and further provide documentation as to the identity of the customer who initiated the low rating and why it was so low rated.”

        I’m sorry to say this, but that’s all nonsense. Using a low rating of a driver as grounds to terminate him is an EXCELLENT idea! It’s the best way to improve the quality of service. And if the quality is really good and consistently good, guess what happens? MORE PEOPLE USE UBER! And that means more business for you! Can you imagine if Uber didn’t have a rating system and bad drivers could stay on board forever??? Do you realize what that would do? Customers would get so pissed off they’d quit using Uber and go back to cabs. Then guess what would happen? You and I would sit around all day just hoping that one passenger would come around. We’d be lucky to make $10 bucks a day!

        And further to your statement, no, Uber doesn’t have the burden to prove anything. They only have the burden of keeping their word. And they have promised us if our ratings get too low, they will terminate us. So they have every right in the world to do just that.

        And you have every right in the world not to work for them if you don’t like these conditions. But if you don’t like these conditions, I have some bad news for you. They’re coming to every job you can imagine. Every company is right now working on plans to implement this same rating system for almost every job in their companies. So if you can’t cope with it – you’re gonna have a hard time getting by in the American economy soon.

        1. JB no joke..one of my riders last night was asking me about Uber and I was telling him about what was going on with me..And he tells me he had no Idea that the Rating was that important!!! and that when he goes back into the app he just hits what ever cause he just trying to get to his next ride. And that pretty messed up!!! And when you wrote me back about my 259 Trip and if only having 9 rate me as a 4 and 250 give me a 5 well how is that plenty of room for era?? when it ads up to 4.48 or was 4.44 You Said don’t make any sense.

        2. Too many flaws in the system… giving passengers a rating system that has only 5 choices… bad idea. (I think he deserves a 4.7 but my only choices are 4 and 5…. well you get a 4…) Giving passengers a push pin to choose location without a feedback loop to verify they choose the correct spot (i.e. not where their phone gps says they are) Letting people give feedback the next day when they wake up hung over and see the $140 Uber fee. Forcing passenger to give feedback at any point means they will be inclined to lower their score. Drunk passengers who claim you stole their cell phone, drunk passengers who use three different apps to get a driver and cancel the others when you arrive, drunks who make three different Uber driver requests and the group cancels the others when you arrive, drunk passengers who call for Uber at 1:30 AM and expect the driver to wait outside the bar until they are done drinking so you can take them 5 blocks and get $7 (Hint if you charge them the no show fee they get to rate you…you never get to rate them) They need to work a little harder to protect their employees…while maintaining customer service… you rating should be compared to other drivers in that local area not to some arbitrary number…

        3. Michael, you said your rating should be compared to other drivers in the local area – not to some arbitrary number. I agree! But don’t you all realize – that’s what they do already. That “some arbitrary number” you mentioned – is arrived at by looking at how all the drivers in an area are doing. I don’t know what criteria they use exactly, but let’s say if half the drivers are above 4.6 – then the “arbitrary number” will become 4.6. If half are above 4.7 – then it would become 4.7.

          So it’s not actually some arbitrary number. It might start out as an arbitrary number in each new market – but they can’t keep it that way or in some markets they’d have to fire 90% of their drivers! So of course they have to adjust it to local market conditions.

        4. i think the rating is a little bull too,i always curtious,offer water,mints,and jolly ranchers.if i make a mistake ill cut fare short and get rider there on my dime,i wait for riders who take 5+ minutes to come out and i dont start fare till they are inside my car.we should atleast know what a rider says about us to fix or try to do better,not suggesting were told which rider says what,but its not right they can say bad things and leave poor stars and we dont even know why when weve done everything correct.sometimes it all boils down to they dont like the traffic or cost of fare and thats things we cant do anything about.spmetime people are plain out ungrateful.

        5. Same thing in reverse though Dave. I’ve had trips where I deserved a two or a three rating and the passenger has given me a 5. Why, I don’t know. But you’re much more likely to get a five when you deserve a 1, 2 or 3 than you are to get a 1 when you deserve a 5.

        6. They should tell you who gave you the reviews.My 5 star review just went down for no reason that I know. What happens if 4 customers by accident hit a low rating. Then you get fired. Is that fair? When you get rated at work, don’t you find out what its for? How would you like to get fired from work for not knowing what you did wrong. If a company is going to rate you or have someone rate you, then you should know who and for what. That’s a privacy issue and I’m sure a lawyer can take that to court. Also you have no idea where your destination is when you pick someone up. So if they want to go 100 miles and you say I’m sorry I cant and they give you a low rating, is that fair? There are 100 examples like this with Uber. And the last guy is correct. There is no phone number to call and to send them a email you have to pick one of there questions. What happens if its none of there questions? I sent plenty of emails to different people having them answer me once and then never hearing from them again. Is that right? All you get from them is asking you to sign on more drivers for them. Its like a freakin pyramid scheme.

        7. Hi JB. What kind of service? Uber is not a taxi service provider, it is not taxi company itself. Dont forget we are not employee of uber, we are just partners. Iber has no rights to deactivate the account because of low rating. If there is no setious issue uber cannot do this. If uber does related driver should go to the court. (There is a court decision on the internet) . Current rating system is not fair. It pampers riders. I can undertand 1 and 5. But what is 2,3,4 ? 4 is bad rating? I see riders give a rate what they want. If rider doesnt like u she he can give you bad rating. Rating must be like “are u satisfied” yes or no, and ask reason options. That is it. I see one of rider gave me bad rating and reason safety . Lol . I didnt have and case for unsafety. That rider knew how to do bad thing for driver. More than that, belive this rating system helps racists. I see almost all african americans give to me bad rating for nothing. This is very good indicator . I am not racist, i respect all human whoever they are, what race what nationality they have. Why they give me bad rating? More than that, indeed uber should correct itself. I see navigation makes long trip, i did many times to short trip at least half. Once appears navigation problem rider will give u bad rating. But indeed this bad rating about uber not a driver. If similiar case happens to me i will go to the court, i keep record everthing.

        8. Erk, you’re right – if a passenger doesn’t like you she can rate you a 1. But come on… if you’re a great driver, why would a passenger not like you? And how many times is that gonna happen? Not many, I can tell you from personal experience. And if Uber didn’t have a rating system in place how in the world could they weed out the bad drivers? Or do you think every one of its millions of drivers are awesome?

          Your example of the one woman giving you a bad rating is just a straw man. Because not every passenger is going to do that… if you’re any good at all.

      2. Well after 4 trips in the Philadelphia market my rating was a 2 stars. I started running the passengers through my mind to see what went wrong. Most of them were too busy on their phone. One of the riders even sat in the front and we chatted like friends; I dropped him at a liquor store. Next morning 2 stars. I reached out to support to ask them to look into this error. I was told not to worry he rating is based on 500 trips I should be ok. Today 3 months later, last time I had driven was April now I’m at a 4.1 stars. Guess what Uber suggested that if after my next 25 trips the rating doesn’t improve to standard my account will be deactivated and they suggested 2 organization where I can get training on how to provide chauffeur service.

        1. I guess there is a bug at their rating system, seems the cancelled trip still be calculated into total trips. I got weekly report and state I received 7 five-star reviews out of 9 rated trips, but the rating is 3.8, that means I got the other trips are 0 star. I reported to Uber support, they just told me: not to worry the rating is based on 500 trips I should be ok. and recommend me focusing on completing as many 5-star trips as possible. They even don’t understand the common sense. Bad experience with the support.

  2. Want to chime in here. In this transportation business, this is very normal. No matter what you do, even if you go extreme and provide mind blowing experience, some people will give you a 4 star rating. Because for some, 5 is like unapproachable like having a massause in the back seat for free. It is that extreme.

    For some, 4 is 5 stars. If they think you did good, they will give you 4 because they dont know that actually doing that hurts your rating really bad. If you got two customers and one gave you 5 the other 4, your average will be 4.5 which is the danger zone. But they dont know that.

    On the other hand, there are some people who always give 5 star rating unless you do something really stupid or piss them off somehow. So uber knows this and acts accordingly. That’s why i wouldn’t worry about a 0.1 to 0.2 too much. Just stay above the limit and you will be fine.

    Good drivers with nice cars dont grow on trees so its not all customer satisfaction. If they keep kicking everybody out left and right, then they know that eventually the well will dry up and they will get stuck with nasty ass drivers with shitty cars.

    And also not everybody rates. You keep that in mind as well. It is mandatory for us drivers but the clients dont have to if they dont want to. So for instance if you got 4 people and 1 gave you 5 stars, 1 gave you 4 and 2 didnt rate, they calculate 2 and adjust accordingly and this looks really bad for you because your score will be 4.5.

    I think this rating system is rigged and uber has to do something about it. Because right now it makes no difference for a client to rate or not rate your services. There is no incentive other than the promise of their ratings help improve the overall experience with uber.

    Also 4.6 4.7+ is just too high of an expectation for driving people around, $5 trips. Honestly limit should be 4 for uberx, 4.5 for black and 4.7 for luxury/SUV.

    That is the sweet spot in my opinion and if the driver goes the extra mile and gets 4.9 or 5 rating, he/she should get incentives for doing such a great job. Maybe a $50 bonus or less % charge for one day etc.

    Expecting a 4.7 or greater rating for a 5-6 block raidus trip is plain stupid. They are not going 400 miles in the back seat, what kind of experience are they gonna have when their asses dont even warm up the seat most of the time? Most of them dont even care about you really. They choose you over a cab because you are a lot cheaper and you always show up on time.

    That’s why uber had to keep lowering the price until they hit a point where they couldnt anymore. Why? Because uberx customers dont really give a shit about the ride when they are wasted. They just wanna go home the cheapest way asap and we do a great job at that. They tried the high roller, baller stuff and nobody cared. Do a research about what ubers prices used to be and what they are now. It is ridiculous.

    1. Totally agree. the prob is, the cust see’s the price before the rating. So god forbid the cust wants to pretend they are not in a surge time . Who are they gonna take it out on? the driver? If they are running late and its high traffic, who are they gonna take it out on? the driver. 4.5 average should be totally acceptable. I see passengers with 3 stars all the time, How come they don’t get booted? Their rating system needs more things considered.
      Best, Mike

    2. Arthur, you’re absolutely right – to some 4 stars IS 5 stars. Even to me it’s 5 stars when I’m rating things. Like on Amazon, if I have a fine experience with a product I’m just as likely to click 4 as 5. Doesn’t make much difference in my mind. They’re both about the same and they both mean, really good.

    3. Yes there is something wrong with this rating system.This happened to me as well my first week driving with Uber and I wrote to them about it. This is the response I got back that most riders don’t rate until they open there app for the next trip they order and not to worry because the overall rating is once you complete 500 TRIPS. Well I have only made 259 Trips and there telling my Ratings are to LOW and are providing me with a class to take one is for when your still active to improve your rating and it cost 25.00 and you don’t receive a Completion Cert. The other is if you have been deactivated not sure of the cost on that to help in hope to get activated again. So what now the first thing all riders say to my how much they love my truck it’s a 2007 in mint condition 50 thousand dollar truck. and in my 259 Trip I think I may have had 9 bad encounters? Well on top of it all I had an Accident but that was on Jan 31 2015 and cant seem to get any answers on what is to be done..Uber sent me an accident report form to fill out and send back with picture’s of my Truck I also reported it to my insurance but didn’t tell them I was working with Uber. My Insurance company telling me I needed special insurance because im making money with my Vehicle . But Uber is to cover us when we have Riders in the Vehicle. So I’m really Upset that I cant get a response back its been 14 Days. Yet they continue to send me notification about everything else. Talk about being uncomfortable while trying Drive. Something’s not right!! If anyone else has has been through this please let me know. Thanks Brenda

      1. If all 259 people rated you and all but 9 of them gave you 5 stars and the other 9 gave you 4 stars, you would have a 4.44 rating. So nine bad encounters out of 259 is actually pretty high. Were you driving drunks late at night when you had the bad encounters?

        Also, did you have the accident when you had passengers in the car?

        1. Duh! The bulk of riders on weekend late nights is drunks. I thought when you are drunk your testimony has no legal or moral weight! Hummmmmm!

        2. Yes most are drunk I think maybe one or two I would say no like one night I has one guy with wife and me and her were talking away and they never entered there destination into the app. There for he was giving direction cause I had no clue as to where they were head and you could tell he was upset so I just stopped talking. I always try advise my riders to enter their destination well the ones that don’t. Like one night I had a young man and he sat up front with me and he as well didn’t put his in. He like Oh I can direct you and how we were chatting along the way getting along just fine the next thing I know he’s like turn here turn here while pointing and blocking my passenger side mirror I said you have to put you arm down I cant see. I could feel the tension in the air that when I explained to him that’s it best to use the app because thing like that cause accidents.

          And yes I had passengers in my Truck at the time of the Accident. Here’s my thing… they put their lives in our hands and these our vehicles and I want respect just as much as they do. I have no reason to mistreat anyone and there’s no way to defend yourself Every night it’s something different some getting sick someone crying some yelling someone want to take me home someone want me to go out to drink with them and some are just Plain Great!! Now really do you think that all these people are giving me a 5 Rating when I refuse polity I mean some will sit there for up to 3 minutes begging me ..LOL and I’m always polite and say I’m sorry I have to work than they like I though you work when you want and I tell them yes but I need to work I’m a single mom. One night I had 3 guy I took them down town and the one guy like do you ever go home with a rider I was like what even his friend were embarrassed he like well I had one come home with me one night. hell I couldn’t even believe he was telling me this and how they had a great time well I just made the best of it like a joke. Another night I had one guy and he kept saying your not gonna hurt me while staring at me .. I was like what are you talking about thinking OMG I have a nut here. he like well that Uber driving that rape and killed someone.Like now why would I do that than he tells me how I look good just kept staring at me now I’m far from weak but hell you don’t know if he has a gun knife whatever. So how is it that you can figure out the rating like that JB ? And Listen to this I finally got a Response yesterday from Uber about the accident..So im waiting for a call now

        3. Fortunately you don’t have to be good at math to be an Uber driver.

          259 rides, 250 rated 5 and 9 rated 4 gives you and average rating of 4.97

          (250*5 + 9*4)/259

          I expect a safe (no Fast and Furious drivers) ride, a clean ride and don’t make it obvious you don’t have a clue how to get from point A to point B. Manage that and you get 5 stars. Everyone starts with 5 stars, you have to screw up to get less than that.

        4. You don’t actually have to screw something up to get less than 5 stars. Even if you do a perfect job on every single trip, soon enough someone will rate you something less than 5 stars.

        5. Wrong. His rating would be 4.97 if 250 people gave him 5 stars and the other 9 gave him 4 stars.

        6. Oops! You’re absolutely right Nigel. I don’t know what happened to my calculator fingers that day. Anyway, thanks for the correction – and I guess that pretty much negates my comment!

    4. But here’s the Kicker anytime I had an issue with anything Uber responded right away!! On Jan.31 I had an accident while taken 2 riders home and when I reported it they deactivated me required I fill at and Uber accident report and wanted photos of my truck in which I did every thing they ask me to do. It took about 2 days before they reactivated my Acct. Now my personal Insurance company is telling me that I’m not allowed to drive for Uber that I need special insurance and to make matters worse I didn’t admit to it because I knew that that were going to try to screw me and I was scared and want to get in touch with Uber . I haven’t gotten one response in 14days from Uber about what to do and that I think my insurance is going to drop me and maybe not even cover the damage to the other Vehicles. I thanks God nothing Happened to the Riders and my Truck or I would really be up shits creek with out a paddle. If there’s anyone who could give some guidance or know what to do please let me know . Sincerely Brenda

      1. Yes, welcome to Uber and ridesharing! As of now no insurance company will cover you if you’re making commercial use of your car. This is one of the BIG risks drivers face. (That’s why Uber should be paying us more than a few cents a mile too – we’re taking a HUGE risk and barely making minimum wage). Uber has said that you’re covered under their policy – even when you don’t have passengers in the car – as long as you’re online with them. And they’ve told us that they will cover damage to your vehicle if your insurance company doesn’t. You’ll probably have to submit something to them showing them your insurance company denied your claim. Have you done that? Have they asked you to do that yet? Did your insurance company cancel your policy?

        1. This is response to JB..You asked back in Feb 2015 if my Insurance drop me?? No they more than Double my Rates!! And as for Ubers Insurance that’s James River..It took 6 months for than to finally pay!! But with in that time the person and there Insurance Company started a personal lawsuit against me I had to Keep on Top of James River Calling and Emailing almost every other Day!! And if I hadn’t I would had been sued. James River kept telling me they couldn’t reach the young lady..and even asked me to call her in which I did I never was able to reach her. I left messages and apologized every time. Any how I told James River why are we calling her you should be dealing with her Insurance and Bam!! Finally!! It was resolved.

        2. Brenda, thanks so much for telling us the rest of the story! What a nightmare, but it could have been worse. Just curious, who is your insurance company? It’s interesting that they were willing to keep you on if you paid higher rates.

    5. I am FED UP with UBER and its rating system.

      First, the app sends me to the wrong address 40% – 50% of the time. This pisses off the passengers when it happens and they take it out on the driver. When you write into UBER support, they kind of blame the driver. No real support. Always some canned response about “knowing your city”. Well, when wrong addresses occur with such frequency, it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately the only thing being addressed is my rating, which is in free fall.

      Second, the UBER pool system is a mess. Customers are tired, drunk and want to be on their way home, but when rides are added/cancelled and we are suddenly needing to deviate from the customers route, it pissed off the customer and they take it out on the driver.

      Third, UBER makes me travel 15 miles out of my way to provide a $4.00 ride to a belligerent drunk who only needed to travel 1 mile. Think this guy rated me a 5?

      Fourth, UBER passengers for what ever reason are just sociopathic. Never in my life have I had a night like last night, where I went out of my way for each and every passenger, treated all with courtesy and respect. It was a great night. I for sure thought my rating went up at least ten points. But no. I went down seven points.

      I don’t understand. On the Lyft platform I am consistently a 4.95. On Uber I am a 4.55? I can’t deal with this crap anymore. Uber’s app issues and its inability to get locations right almost guarantees low ratings. I dread every trip because of the app issues. And UBER’s support system is abysmal. I’ve yet to get a real sense of “support”. Its a pre-canned joke. They don’t give a damn if you are out there dealing with violent drunks. Hey, if a violent drunk rates you a 1, you must be a 1.

      I QUIT.

      1. Jason, you are 100% correct! Lyft is such a better experience BUT, rides are less to the driver AND if i have to wait more than five minutes and a no show I get zilch. Uber is very good at that and they are more expensive than LYFT which is more money in my pocket. Regarding the rating system IT IS FLAWED and I have had several severely mentally unstable people give me one star ratings! I know that for sure and that is unfair and sorry i take that personally. I’m still a 4.8 but should be 4.85 or better!

        1. bjmack – what city are you in? In New York the Lyft and Uber rates are exactly the same. And if you wait 5 minutes & call the passenger and they don’t show up – you get paid $10 with Lyft. (Uber takes their cut out of the $10 so you don’t get the full $10 – but with Lyft you do).

      2. Yep. I’ve been doing this less than a week, and I’m done. I spent an hour tonight picking a bone with useless chat support (they don’t have a phone number). The rating system is total bullshit. Uber has no auditing process, its just automated action based on alcoholic sociopathic customers. My rating for Saturday was a 3.5. I provided quality service for everyone. My overall rating is 4.35-ish and already received the deactivation e-mail threat. I was also rear-ended on my second day while driving a lady from North Atlanta to Midtown with a stop at the Ritz Carlton in Bulkhead in weekday 5:30pm traffic. Total trip time was 1:15minutes and I received $28, no tip. A 300 lb young girl with a bad attitude laid into me because the route I took the mall cost 85 cents more and acted like it was intentional. She didn’t even enter the destination address and I waited 5 minutes for her to come out of her house with sketchy characters lurking the cul-de-sac. A 65 year old alcoholic was abusive. A group of 6 girls I picked up at the brewery were condescending and manipulative and louder than 50,000 fans at a football game. What’s worse, is that many of the customers I thought I got along with and providing good service must have rated me disfavorably. Uber has ZERO auditing… they are worse than dealing with Ebay. Ebay doesn’t have a published phone number, but you can find it if you dig and use search engines. No more.

    6. You said riders don’t have to leave a rating. Actually, they do if they want to ride with Uber again. The system will force them to rate their last ride when they go to request another ride.

    7. Good service but bad rating is the one thing that sometimes makes me feel like I’m actually doing some of these riders a favor by giving them a ride at a dirt cheap rate. What they’re paying for the ride is actually too cheap compared to the cost of driving them from point A to B

  3. I am new to driving for uber L.A. This is my second job- and part time for right now. My main job is also a driving job. My first 18 rides gave me a 5 rating which made me real happy. since i usually take uber rides before or after my main job, it’s easy to monitor my ratings- I check the dashboard 2 times a day, making sure all rides and fares are listed correctly. To my amazement, today I checked and my ratings fell to 4.7……..How did this happen? I greet the people nicely, have water, mints and butterscotch candy…….ALWAYS USE GPS FOR BEST ROUTE, but since i was born here i could do the routes blindfolded. Now you say they could get rid of a driver for a 4.7 rating……..THAT’S TOTAL BS….. As someone mentioned before, like on Amazon, some people don’t want to give 5 stars. Maybe it’s a short ride, maybe they had a bad day, maybe they are just big ASSHOLES……… i hope uber has a compassion with these ratings. Well, i guess i really shouldn’t lose my day job!!! If uber gets rid of drivers that easily, they better watch out- just like cabbies are going to uber…….. uber drivers can easily (especially if no accidents or tickets are involved) go to lyft or sidecar or any other driving jobs!!!

  4. Art, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine! They don’t even look at your ratings until you’ve done at least 40 trips. That’s because they know they need a relatively large number for statistical averages to kick in.

    Same exact thing happened to me when I first started. I got all 5 stars for the first couple of weeks, then suddenly my rating was 4.7!

    And Uber does seem to have some compassion. Mainly because they need more drivers not less. So they’re really not quick to let people go. I think you have to be well under 4.7 for an extended period for them to decide to let you go.

    I’ve been at 4.5 for a brief time (4-5 days) and now it’s gone back up to 4.9. But they didn’t do anything to me when I was at 4.5. I think that’s because they could see I was always in the high 4s and just had a week of bad reviews! And like you – it was a mystery to me. Everything was good on all my trips.

    But seriously, I think you’d have to be at 4.5 over a long period – maybe a month, depending on how much you drive before they’d seriously consider dropping you. And remember, they don’t even care about your ratings until you’ve done 40 trips. So you’re fine. Just keep doing a good job – it’ll all average out in the end.

    Oh and one other thing. Don’t forget that when someone gives you a 4 when you’ve done a perfect trip – they’re giving a less than perfect driver a 2 or 3. And ultimately we’re all compared not to some absolute number like 4.7 – but to all other drivers. So if you’re giving perfect trips, you can be assured that others aren’t – so you’ll always be doing better than the average driver – even if you are at 4.7.

  5. JB, thanks for the advice!!! I’ll agree with you, treat the people nice and in the long run you WILL be rewarded………. Hopefully. Unfortunately you can’t please everybody all the time. For 15 years I’ve had a perfect ebay rating and for the first 2 weeks a perfect uber rating. I’m 99% sure which person gave me the lower score, and this person woke up late to catch a 6:30 am flight and I got him there in plenty of time………and he drank my water and took a couple mints. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Being a cabbie for 20 years I know you can’t please everyone, know matter how hard you try. To me a 4 star is still great!!! I understand it’s part of the UBER WAY to get as close to 5 as possible, but they put way too much emphasis on this star grading system. What ever happened to “get the client there as quick and as safe as possible!” It worked for limos and cabs for many years now!!!

  6. Art you just hit on it when you said you can’t please everybody. That’s true… but guess what? Neither can any other driver! So we’re all in the same boat. The ratings numbers will actually tell the truth in the end. Once we all have given enough rides, then the numbers will speak the truth. Because for every time you’ve gotten somebody who just can’t be pleased, so has every other driver. And when you’ve gotten enough ratings that they know statistically they can begin to compare you to the average driver’s rating, then they’ll be able to sort it out. And I’m sure when you get to that point you’ll be fine.

    By the way, I’ve had weeks in a row where I’ve gotten all 5s. Then suddenly out of the blue a couple of weeks ago four or five people gave me a 4! It really brought my overall rating down. And I still have absolutely no idea why they did. The only thing that was different is that it rained a couple of days. I’m just guessing the rain put people in a bad mood. Because nothing else was different about what I was doing.

  7. Oh and I should add that on that rainy week, my overall rating for that week I think was 4.76 or something in that area. It was way way below what it usually is. And on their weekly email they said even that was higher than the average for that week.

  8. the policy as it stands encourages uber drivers to allow open conatiners of alcohol, allowing more than 4 passengers in uber x, and aslo allowing them to eat food and drinks in your car because the driver is afraid to tell the customer no and get a poor rating- i bought a brand new car for this job and im afraid im going to lose it just for following the rules

  9. Bryan, all of the things you mentioned are things that you would see happening before the trip begins. Therefore, you have the ability to simply cancel the trip – and that’s it. After you as the driver cancel the trip will they have no way to rate you.

    1. Actually there’s a bit of a problem with that JB! First off, I have had people enter my car, I start the trip and then alcohol comes out. I ask them to leave AND cannot cancel the ride. They get charged, small amount, and I can guarantee you I got a one star rating. I work late and this has happened over a half dozen times the past few months. It adds up and it’s unfair!

      1. Yep, you’re right. That is a problem. Uber really should take that into consideration. I think with Lyft when something like that happens, you can email them about it and they’ll take it into consideration. Uber though couldn’t care less.

      2. bjmack – I just had a funny thought! Next time that happens, immediately pull over, end the trip and then tell the passenger you want to see him bring his cell phone out and rate you a 5. If he doesn’t, tell him you’re going to call the police on the spot – because it is he who is breaking the law! That should get you a quick and easy 5 every time!

      3. Yes it has Happened to me Many Time along with wanting to put more than 4 people in the car and then they tell me that other Drivers do it!! And now there mad some will just take the trip and order another for the Extra People but you know darn well that rated you bad!! And if you Cancel to man Trips Uber Starts Up with your Canceling to many Trips!!

  10. I’m really interested in driving for Uber, but I’m starting to get second thoughts due to this ridiculous rating system. It seems like a client might give you a low rating simply because he doesn’t like the color of your car. Some rider on Quora forum admitted that he would never give a 5 star rating, unless the driver did something extraordinary, something that would wow him. That’s something I don’t understand. Are UberX drivers suppose to entertain him or something, in order to get 5 stars?

    Heck, a friend of mine picked up a drunk customer not too long ago who refused to give his address because he had a preferred route. That wouldn’t have been a problem if this client didn’t fall asleep every few minutes. My friend had to wake him constantly, otherwise how was he suppose to know where to go next? And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the customer wasn’t even sure in his own directions half the time. When they finally arrived to the destination, the price really sobered up this client. He didn’t look too happy with the charge. Not surprisingly, he gave my friend a low rating.

    I understand that driving during surge pricing is when you can make some decent money overnight, even though it will surely lower your rating. But is it safe to invest in a new car just for Uber?
    Can your account be reactivated again if it gets deactivated due to the lovely clients such as the ones I wrote about above? Thanks.

  11. Uber ratings should be over a 3 star system. Poor, Fair and Good. Simple. Some people think that a 4 star is good enough when it is really not.

    1. hey

      i got this email from uber
      i was 4.82 i was a week
      due to low user ratings and /or negative user feedback ,Rasier LLC is deactivating your access to the uber mobile application effective immediately.this enail also constitutes notice of rasier,s termination of its partnership with you,effective 30 day from today

      1. OMG! That’s scary! I’m not sure I understand your message fully though. You say, “I was 4.82 I was a week”. What do you mean by “I was a week”?

        You must have gotten some bad negative feedback from a customer. Do you have any idea what might have happened? Did you have an argument with anybody?

  12. I am an uberx driver myself in LA. I always try doing my best to all my passangers. Opening doors, offering water, gum, greeting them, even refusing cash tips as they offer me, and explaining to them that they don’t have to give tips since uber is cashless transaction. The same customer that I politely refusing the tips asking me how much was the trip after about 3 miles rides. I told her I had to end the trip and the apps will generate the fare. After ending the trip, she saw me I gave her 5 star rating. And she told me, that she would never give anybody 5 stars. 5 stars is only for GOD!!!

  13. I see major lawsuits in the future. Give good service and you still get punished for it….. and for unknown reasons. Just because the weather is bad, a persons morning coffee wasn’t hot enough, the cell phone is flashing ”low battery”, the BFF isn’t returning text messages, WAY TOO much traffic, you hit a pothole, etc, etc…… you are subject to job scrutiny by a cheap asshole who gives you a 2 or 3 star rating instead of 5 stars because THEY ARE ASSHOLES!!! YEP, major lawsuits in the making…….

    1. Art, I’ve heard some stories where drivers got deactivated without any warning, but after digging further it always turned out that they did something really bad or stupid. So, I don’t know. I mean a 4.82 rating is pretty darn good actually. And they say 4.7 is the minimum. So I wonder what really happened here.

      1. Yes, I’ll agree that something bad or a company rule was broken– and usually the driver has no idea what it was, unless the company tells them what happened.

  14. Hi,
    For the last two days I did not have any rating on my one day rating. I had Zero. And my seven days rating data drooped to 4.3 from 4.9. Uber claimed that they were having some problems. What I do not understand is why my seven days rating data is 4.3, when must of my riders gave me 5 starts. They may be doing something wrong to lower our rating.

    1. Why would they want to purposely lower our ratings!? So they could pay us less? No! It couldn’t be that, because if we have low ratings, they don’t pay us less, they simply kick us off.

      So, why would they purposely lower our ratings so they could kick us off? Hmm… I wonder… what possible advantage could it be for Uber – to kick off all its drivers? Well, I can’t think of anything. Can you?

      Obviously, they’re not trying to purposely lower our ratings! They NEED drivers! If they get rid of drivers for no reason, they’ll lose business!

      Geesh, what is wrong with you people!? Always coming up with some idiotic theory as to why Uber does what it does. And the theories always boil down to they want to hurt you! Believe me… they don’t want to hurt GOOD drivers! They need as many good drivers as they can get.

      1. Well, in NYC, they are kicking off people, and then send those people to take a class that cost over $100 dollars to be rehired. But I really do not know if this can be a reason.

      2. That’s a lie. UBER is out of touch & saturated with drivers. Only lazy folks are pressed to work as slaves for UBER. No one in Baltimore I know wants UBER as a job except criminals…at least lolz not past 1 month b/c the executives are not seasoned or earned privileged…but got lucky with get rich scheme…and now they don’t care. Really never. The economy is growing. Working for UBER is stupid waste of money, wear on car, mind stress, etc. Why>>>just customer & owners profit.

    2. Antonio, seriously – don’t worry about it. I’ve had the same thing happen. And it’s happened several times.

      What happens is – you don’t know how many of your passengers have rated you. Say you have 30 trips in a week and your rating is a 5. But for all you know there may have only been one passenger who rated you.

      Then, passengers have to leave a rating for you before they can take their next trip. So maybe 6 days later one of them wants to take another trip and he’s forced to rate you – now 6 days later – when he’s probably forgotten how good you were. And he’s in a hurry so he’s in a bad mood and mad that Uber is making him do this rating before he can order another car – so he gives you a 3. Now, you have two passengers who have rated you – and your average is a 4 for the last seven days.

      But YOU don’t know how many people have rated you. You think maybe all of them did and gave you a 5 and then you guess that maybe several people gave you a 4 or even a 3. But you don’t know. You’re just guessing. Only Uber knows this information. But the thing is – when you see your rating drop unexpectedly and for no apparent reason – it’s usually because somebody you picked up several days ago finally gets around to rating you.

      But the thing is Uber could care less about your one day or 7 day or even 30 day rating. All they care about is your all-time rating.

      1. Jb, you mentioned that uber only cares about your all time rating. Why does the rating system reset after 500 rides then? There was an email sent a few weeks ago that mentions this. I would like to hear your perspective on it since you think that the ratings system isn’t a “sword hanging over our necks”. Thnx, mn

      2. Every rating counts, no ratings after 24 hours, every rating under 5 starts must have a valid comment that would be passed to the driver. What good is the rating system if you do not get feedback?

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